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叶德娴 刘德华|教练车价格"General Peng Yongguan armed forces, there is a general in the side, how can there be danger to go." The middle-aged scribe smiled and shook his head. He turned his head and looked at the headless corpse on the ground. "It's a pity," he said. "I still can't catch hold of it. Lu Fengxian's way of leading the army was quite good."Cao Caowen speech, helplessly nodded, the business tiger, maturing, he has a hunch, if he can defeat lombardi, the business tiger, will become his enemy in the future."Here!" Although don't understand why, but still faithfully carried out the zhong yao military orders, immediately a wave of his hand, two jun soldiers rushed in, can't help but say, will Li Bao fell to the ground.

Chen Xing eyes suddenly a bright, think of a good way, turned to the lieutenant-general said: "How many horses are there in our city?"Another celebrity?"Master, if you leave, who can supervise the army?" Marotta worried.叶德娴 刘德华|"Longxi!?" Korea hence smell speech frightened, hurriedly a few steps forward, a grab each other's hand bamboo paper, at a glance at it, face gradually turned pale.

叶德娴 刘德华|"Of course it's Mr. Saving Yuan-chang!" Cao Peng cold hum 1, want to don't want to.Back?"Here!" Ma dai smell speech, also know that now this ability, is not enough to provoke the beam, can only helplessly nodded, with pound, say goodbye, left side by side.

A few also found wrong, began to warn loudly call harmony moment by the earth-shaking shout ShaSheng cover up."Burning oil ~ Burning oil!" Instant thought of what the knife shield hand crazy crowded behind the crowd, while hysterical uttered a despairing cry.But with the big fellow's contraction, The importance of chicken deer village gradually decreased, if the han army to enter the hetao, can go directly to the west cool, bing area, chicken deer village is gradually abandoned, later the huns to the original chicken deer village as the center, built a large-scale trade, later cao cao divided the south huns into south-east northwest central five, chicken deer village also became the northern handsome cantonment.叶德娴 刘德华|




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