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台湾富商李宗瑞山东省轻工工程学院...Ke sin said, without thinking to the ground a flutter, a cluster of arrows to break the air, horses in the miserable hiss, thick neck is directly shot through by the cluster of arrows, cold cluster of arrows inverted in Ke sin less than three feet away from Ke sin, frightened Ke sin all over the cold.The weather has changed, Daxi new never have the heart to send troops directly against, but east of xianbei king's court he has been planning for a long time, since qian man was excluded from the position of khan's successor because of his young, he has begun to plan this day, now qian man has grown up, daxi new never ready to take the name of qian man, the king's court annexation, become a new khan.

"With all due respect, Monseigneur Temujin." Murong GUI look a move, sink a track: "We are defeated by you, according to the prairie rules, we are willing to loyalty to you, but the words of Wang Ting …"Zhang gu will satrap mansion vacated to settle lyu3 bu4 line, went to eat.Chen Xing rushed to the left and to the right in the disorderly army, but more and more jun around him, lamenting in his heart: "I have to rest my life!"台湾富商李宗瑞Don't look at Tuoba Ji Fen before a strong supporter of their own appearance, Kirby can tell, It's just a question of standing in line, On the prairie, between tribes, Just as between the governors of the Central Plains and the governors, There are no eternal friends, If Kobe can keep winning, then Tuoba Ji Fan will become a staunch supporter of himself step by step, Even murong gui, ke sin and go to jin stop tu is also so, because they have no choice, but now a decision-making error, let this coby can and lan zhan agglomerated out of the trend by lyu3 bu4 sheng blow, before he shot step of root accumulation of prestige also dissipated, and must bear the adverse consequences of the backlash.

台湾富商李宗瑞"No, there's still a lot of work to be done." Shaken his head, lyu3 bu4 motioned for the people to retreat, began to think about bing situation.Although there are high dry military forces stationed troops in the west river, shangdang area, zhang he military forces stationed troops in the wild goose gate, but the two have become a lone army, as long as lyu3 bu4 in town here, the two men will not turn up too much spray, the final result, can only be life and death, fled.Looked at the direction of mayi, lyu3 bu4 with all returned to the camp, a title of generals in ancient times camp after the wounded settled down, will be a sad face of He Man called: "What happened? Why the old male to stop marching?"

This is lyu3 bu4 decision, not to be changed, as long as bing, wei yan there troops in luoyang and dong zhuo occupied luoyang at that time to form two completely different situation, bing, harmony cool and luoyang will be one piece, form a whole, rather than dong zhuo at that time alone deep, all around the enemy's situation.Under the same sky, jinyang, satrap mansion.Unfortunately, this quiet, after all, was broken.台湾富商李宗瑞




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