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电视剧倾城雪全集|找冷链Liang Xing has killed red eyes at the moment, don't know how many conference semifinals fell under his knife, hand steel knife has rolled the blade, but he can't stop, in all directions is the enemy, once stopped, is dead.Three hundred hussars followed behind lyu3 bu4, a pair of eyes, flashing bloodthirsty light, they have not tasted the taste of blood for a long time, at the moment of the hussars camp, like a head hidden in the dark greedy wolf, showing bloodthirsty fangs to the prey."Congratulations to the host for obtaining Xianbei Qi Yun bonus and greatly improving all attributes."

Looking at the figure of Ule left, Kui brows slightly wrinkled, he found that his suspicion of lyu3 bu4 action, has caused dissatisfaction among his subordinates, these people were originally their most loyal subordinates, but now... For lyu3 bu4 doubt, not only did not reduce, but more afraid of many, this night, Kui head insomnia.Even if they know they are unbeatable, they should go far away, or seek refuge from other big tribes. Few people dare to take a big tribe's lair with 500 people like Temuzhen, and they have succeeded!"Master, do you want me to tonight, to bind this woman?" Sentence tu hey laughed, although is xianbei king's court, but in lyu3 bu4 side with a long time, a lot of guts fat.电视剧倾城雪全集|"Congratulations on your host's reputation exceeding 100W, inspiring the emperor's talent--Wencheng Wushu Virtue. After the loyalty level reaches the intermediate level, the Wenchen Wushu generals who are loyal to the host will automatically be promoted to a higher level of loyalty."

电视剧倾城雪全集|Bing, at least don't have to look at their hand down jiangshan, so was lombardi a little exhausted.Step root is in confrontation with the five tribes together, and lyu3 bu4 is to split, each break, as long as the successful use of tactics, can completely before the five tribes united again, break them each.Lyu3 bu4 did not block in their direction of progress, no row crossbow as intensive weapons of mass destruction, only with five hundred people block in a large cavalry charge on the road is tantamount to death.

"Yes!" Someone took the lead command, others also a little calm down, not far from xianbei king's court here, to the relationship between the family and step root, they should not die.Xu togeher is YuanMen secretly depressed, originally thought will be courteous, who knows is this scene, especially around the foot soldiers cast eyes, let always good face xu togeher is ugly, is about to leave, suddenly heard the noise, heard cao cao that familiar voice from afar."We can ask xianbei people." Suddenly some unwilling way.电视剧倾城雪全集|




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