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某主神空间的打工仔赛富通重庆"Drag it out!" Lyu3 bu4 disgusted waved, originally thought there was something amazing to fool yourself, but it seems to be want to report to their families, ha, cao cao people killed two, you again fierce than cao cao?"Wen... Wen Hou, will be willing to fall at the end of the!" Looked at lyu3 bu4, Yang Qiuqi ai ai said.Qiang rode to a halt a stone's throw away, Run out of the crowd a ride, wearing a white wolf roaring moon helmet, wearing a trimming armor, wearing a hundred flowers robe, slender riding will jump out, eyes swept over the Zhou Cang, but did not stay, finally fell on the turned horse lyu3 bu4, behind the mask, a pair of glittering eyes, flashed a glimmer of splendor, crisp track: "You are Wen Hou lyu3 bu4?"

"Wen hou? Lyu3 bu4?" Yang looked behind, Yang Xi is burning eyes at giffin, in front of the pile of prefixes automatically ignored by her, only to notice the last name, smell speech can't help but track: "But that is called the first general of the han dynasty lyu3 bu4?""Husband, what is this? It smells delicious." The sable cicada curiously looked at lyu3 bu4 hands crystal clear, like glass beads, a pervasive smell escaped, two Qiao smell speech, also can't help but be attracted by lyu3 bu4 hand objects."General Zhou Cang, this time, you have established a great merit." Wei yan some depressed glance at zhong yao, originally should be his captive, who knows met seibel halfway along the way, but finally was originally nothing to do with the matter of zhou cang zhong yao to tackled, at the moment also can only force a smile way: "This person is zhong yao."某主神空间的打工仔"The old man, he went straight away." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, wry smile.

某主神空间的打工仔"That patriarch is wise." All smell speech can not help but exultation, although in the past, among the warlords, qiang will be, but the general end of the war, will be automatically revoked, few people can get formal appointment in the han army."A lot of things have happened in the city these days, and Mr. Gongtai has arrested a lot of people. Originally, he wanted to let the big silly man from Hsiung Kuo-hai come over. But Hsiung Kuo-hai said that the master's order was to protect Mr. Gongtai, and that it was more important to keep him alive. In the end, Mr. Gongtai could only ask me to come and bring someone over." Addis stood up and waved to the cavalry in the rear. "This time, Mr. Gongtai asked me to come, mainly to bring this poor old man here."Of course, the most important issue, don't say now d is just nominal obedience, the linjing city, but almost all are d, is d really wrong, marotta also can't move him.

Zuo Xianwang's tribe was destroyed, the han Chinese soldiers wantonly slaughtered and plundered, call kitchen spring don't care, this kind of thing is common in the grassland, but the han people are stationed less than 50 miles from their king's court, let call kitchen spring have a kind of feeling like a lump in the throat."Kill!" And ignored the other two xiongnu general, lyu3 bu4 by red hare fast, quickly out of battle, toward the direction of the flag to continue to charge.Hua tuo smell speech zheng, some touched nodded: "wen hou heart of the world, hua tuo admired, willing to do a little for the world, a contribution."某主神空间的打工仔




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