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新密这五个人火了江西星火有机硅厂Tribulus terrestris bone with the broadsword hit together, wei yan only feel hands numb, secretly marveled at the man's natural powers, can't be strong, knife potential, as if stuck to the bone of the tribulus terrestris, down the grip, cut to the sand mo ke five fingers."Sometimes the outcome of a war is not on the battlefield." Lu Zheng swept Ma Su a glance, said secluded way: "Think about it, with the answer, can let a person to inform me, my father is very tolerant of talent, if you have to be loyal to my father."Zhang Fei is like a sharp blade, With his own personal guard constantly in the other side of the army ripped open a gap, Zhang Ren was in command, constantly commanding the soldiers quickly to make up for Zhang Fei's tear, Shouting ShaSheng accompanied by the splash of blood, Over time, the more intense, Zhang Fei clashed several times, With courage, to and fro in the midst of the enemy, But zhang ren shu army although not as elite as wei yan military forces, but the military forces he commanded for a long time, mobilized such as arms, although momentum was suppressed by zhang fei, but exceptionally tough, zhang fei several times want to break through the encirclement to cut will seize the flag have failed to succeed, but almost let himself in the encirclement, then dare not rashly break into the array.

Often both sides a little bit of small action, not yet have time to play, was seen through by the opponent.Just as Zhuge Liang was thinking about how to break the enemy, a general came in and handed Zhuge Liang a letter."Master, jiangdong if forced to urgent, I'm afraid..." Xun yu frowned, some worried, Lv Meng died in battle, Jiang Dong was badly wounded, Now shrink the line of defense, lure the enemy into depth, is also no way, jiangdong is sparsely populated, inadequate forces, after a defeat in jingzhou, the bottom of the house has not much, if jiangdong at the moment, directly to lyu3 bu4 defection, lu bu led lyu3 bu4 early, that result, is likely to cause cao cao to suffer.新密这五个人火了Blood began to diffuse in front of the barracks, imagined the situation also did not appear in the eyes of zhang fei, the guanzhong army after throwing away the crossbow, morale was not the slightest low, but exceptionally fierce, two military forces hit in one place, hidden, instead is his five thousand soldiers have been divided.

新密这五个人火了With the command of guan yu, the troops left in the city quickly went up the wall, originally under the onslaught of pan zhang began to precarious south city was quickly stabilized."Fujimori shield light, but tough unusual, but can report the shield effect to the master, to the army." For dianjiang situation, pang tong didn't have too much worry, as zhuge liang worried, pang tong after looking at the surrounding terrain, the conclusion is similar, stormed, even if hundreds of troops, the other side just need to keep the pass, pang tong also can't.But actually, Lu Zheng had been in the army camp since he was three years old, Began some basic training at the age of five, Every day with Hua Tuo's five birds play endure strength, Up to now, though not a first-class martial arts, But like Xie Cheng this third-rate and even non-entering Wu in the future three or five lyu3 zheng can calmly deal with, It's just that I grew up in a different environment, from an early age is in the public support, Although later lyu3 bu4 in order to hone his son, secretly threw him all over the secret name to experience for two years, but the noble spirit has become a habit, this battlefield fight, he is not going to do, of course, also don't despise, after all, his father's family business is by brave hard.

Chapter one hundred and three dragon sing fengming (part two)"I have given up my men once, must not give up again, otherwise, in the future, and what face to see those who died for me!" Guan Yu said this firmly, looking coldly at tardif closer and closer, snapped: "soldiers, all stand up for me, we are soldiers, behind the scars, is a disgrace to the soldiers!"Already about to detonate momentum, with pang tong and zhuge liang such a interruption, is not going to develop, two people some depressed looked at their strategist, clearly is your own to take people, now this calculate how it happened?新密这五个人火了




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