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透明工厂光波裤Chapter 28 deathIgnoring the falling oracles, a night owl stepped forward and bowed to the general, "at the command of the Lord, you are requested to return to the city to meet him."The equal-field system was initiated under the auspices of jia xu and pang tong. It was first launched in the two counties of changshan and hejian, where the fighting was most intense.

< / p > < p > guo yuan can not continue to pursue, roar a sound, gun back.Yuan shang said bitterly in his heart that he could not complain about his mother, because he knew that what liu shi did was for himself."And if I won't?" Lyu3 bu4 vision slightly narrow rise, whole body momentum send out come out, see left kind: "old Taoist priest want to use strong?"透明工厂Abnormal condition!

透明工厂..."Oh?" Lv bu is surprised way: "did Yang yi mountain come back?"Ancient ruling class most pursue a point is the fool easy to resist! So before lyu3 bu4, even with the Cai Hou paper, ruling class will also never thought this thing to promote open, because it would shake their status, knowledge of monopoly was broken by lu bu now, the people have the knowledge, the idea of natural will be multiplied, and lu bu average-land system before, and after ten years or twenty years, such as the policy transmission to come over, what will people choose?

"Shi yuan, you... "Pinon also embrace new, concubines at home sleeping of time, was suddenly broke in the Biao ride who "please" and pinon who want to stop, but in the face of evil, wish immediately swallowed them slave soldiers, they lose the courage to start, can only helplessly looking at their adult so taken by a group of evil villain."A messenger from lv bu is coming." Liu2 bei4 sighed, former xuzhou, lyu3 bu4 poor pole to cast, when liu bei is a warlord, lyu3 bu4 later captured xuzhou, liu2 bei4 temporarily attached to cao cao to attack, lyu3 bu4 escaped from the xuzhou like office, when lu bu has almost lost the qualifying for the world, liu bei although also has been in exile, but the situation at that time, to be better than lyu3 bu4, governors at least willing to accept him, especially after got the name of imperial, liu bei can clearly feel the governors for their increasingly seriously, wherever she went, can be treated.透明工厂




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