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盘锦可可影院|二手钢材Lyu3 bu4 smell speech nodded, it will be recorded in the heart, as for how to operate, also have to measure on the battlefield, the present to the white water qiang all hao Shuai farewell, with military forces mighty YuanMen, and have been waiting in the north palace of white water, cioffi and eight thousand broken qiang converge, toward wu.Longxian, county government, Korea hence high sitting on the throne, frown at the information sent in the hand."The court to let us marten, for lyu3 bu4, what do you think?" Korea hence looked up and looked into the male way.

Go straight to the bed, stretched out his hand to hold the woman's fragrant shoulder, some rough will break the woman's body, let her face lyu3 bu4."Oh." Zhou Cang scratched his head, then threw the MiaoShang head to the outside, see lyu3 bu4 and Chen Xing a face of black line, under the hall, a group of prisoners is looking white.盘锦可可影院|I don't know how long, Maybe just a moment, maybe an hour, or a day, or longer, lyu3 bu4 finally woke up from the feeling as if wandering too empty, a stench irritating his nose, vaguely, can feel two pairs of soft hands rubbing his body, ears also faintly familiar with the sound.

盘锦可可影院|"Er..." Listen to each other's mouth popped out of Chinese, lyu3 bu4 startled at the woman, tentatively asked: "Han people? Recognize me?""Let GongTai responsible for reception, in the palace site, renovation of a palace, let the princess live, now is the decisive battle with Korea hence, can't go to meet luan personally." Silence for a long time, lyu3 bu4 shook his head."Go!" The crowd suddenly sounded a violent drink, giffin with XiongKuoHai, pressure a thin man from behind the crowd, smiling at lyu3 bu4: "master, accidentally met an acquaintance? If not surprise, and the courage of male general, tonight is even difficult to catch this person!"

Night operations, whether on the siege or guarding the city, there are disadvantages, but at night the line of sight is blocked, but can use some haystack grass people, to borrow some arrow cluster d to use.Immediately, zhong yao face changed, around the tired jun face also changed."Lao wang, master hope Lao wang tonight can strengthen the alert, side by d." Korea hence the bodyguard looked at a drunk hazy haoshuai, qiang will, helpless wry smile in the heart, master's command, this time even will not be executed.盘锦可可影院|




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