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阳煤集团网卓讯网Xu togeher is YuanMen secretly depressed, originally thought will be courteous, who knows is this scene, especially around the foot soldiers cast eyes, let always good face xu togeher is ugly, is about to leave, suddenly heard the noise, heard cao cao that familiar voice from afar.Steproots didn't think it was possible.

Seeds of distrust, Not only in the sword of two leaders, even under their soldiers, if you know the army, can see, now the thirty thousand troops in the barracks, in fact, is divided into a small group, distinct from each other, such a coalition, even if the number of people, in fact, in lyu3 bu4 view, no longer have a threat.He Yi startled stare big eyes, looked at zhang he, followed by eyes flashed a fierce color, spell the last strength to throw out the hands of the copper stick, the body straight roar to the ground.General contention, Sometimes in situations of similar strength, It's all about momentum, Horizontal afraid of leng, Leng afraid of not fatal, and d at the moment, to zhang he feeling is not fatal, shy life in the heart, momentum suddenly withered a lot, gradually suppressed by d, plus ma dai, horse iron swept aside, at first two people quite nothing, but at the moment momentum a vent, two people brought pressure really fell on zhang he.阳煤集团网Official is not big, even not official, can only be collectors, but this position is eye-catching, because as long as you can get lyu3 bu4 recognition, as long as the future does not make any big mistakes, official career can be said to be all the way.

阳煤集团网The head of the QinWei sent people have not yet set out, a fast horse has galloped back, ran straight to step in front of the root, gasp a way: "adult … find … found." During the speech, his face is still with some shock and incredible look.Carefully glanced at Murong GUI's face, continued: "Just at that time, it sounds a little absurd, but now with the news from the joint venture, is it not so?" The temuzhen unless can fly, otherwise why will suddenly appear outside the alliance, must be out of the king's court directly, but coby can have been accurate information in this time suddenly lost its effect, make to jin, coss two army routed, then, maybe it's our turn... "From the information gathered by the parties, This man commanded the tribe, break quite fair, each time plunder property, will be equally distributed to subordinates, so in the army is quite prestigious and cohesive, and Kirby can tribe close to the frontier, Kirby can also rely on favorable conditions, actively learn Han knowledge, in the xianbei department, Kirby can is the only one dare to use a large number of Han leaders.

"I don 't care if you say so yourself." Pang tong with the wave, looked at the wall, left zhaoyun wry smile at the back of pang tong."Shoot them, shoot them, don 't let them near!" See each other gave up the horses, roared toward this way, a few huns head back and forth, commanding the soldiers with bow and arrow shot to kill the cavalry lost the horses.Bing, at least don't have to look at their hand down jiangshan, so was lombardi a little exhausted.阳煤集团网




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