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都市携美行|冰疗祛斑"My army entered luoyang through mengjin, but it could not ignore the tiger prison. I wanted to invite xuande gong to take three thousand soldiers and horses to sit here. There was no need to attack the city. CAI MAO said with a smile.Hejian, gaoyang.ShuaiQi down, cao cao didn't figure, two leading so less than kung fu tea both die in the hands of lyu3 bu4, two big Lord is directly run, plus lyu3 bu4 before really scary, so kill to come all the way, say less also has hundreds of jun die in the hands of lyu3 bu4, fierce monstrous, jun's morale is not high, at the moment as major generals have gone, also make a fart ah, herd followed after fleeing warders.

This also paved the way for lu bu's subsequent efforts to improve people's livelihood.Say that finish, ignore yuan xi block, put on the battle, ride horse more and more but come out, look up to the opposite way: "zhang liao children, quick to die!""Be!" A dozen guards of hussars took orders at once, spread out quickly, and left torches on the tents in all directions. The tents, which were made of oil-soaked material, were waterproof, and they caught fire without enough tea.都市携美行|"What happened to those old families in ye cheng?" Lyu3 bu4 on handsome chair, he will remain in yecheng, giffin is to monitor yecheng those family, although on the surface, be lyu3 bu4 pick up again after the family break a lot, but lu bu don't believe these people are willing to give up their right to behave according to the rules of lyu3 bu4, did not explode, just swallowed, they waiting for a time, hope the giffin can watch live these troubling guy.

都市携美行|Some people were at a loss, but real people saw a clue, especially lang zhong's disappearance, the last place he disappeared is zhang he's residence.It was probably the first time that liu bei scolded zhang fei with such a severe attitude. Zhang fei was frightened and shrank his neck.Chapter 34 missions

Chapter 37 home"Arrow, arrow! < / p > < p > guo yuan looked at eight hundred battle camp, the face suddenly turned pale, before a charge, let guo aid suffered heavy losses, if not by the wall of the benefit, I am afraid that when zhongyang city was broken."Old male, point soldier!" Lu bu suddenly stood up and shouted sharply, although the loss of the battle last night was not small, but cao cao did not get a good, must catch up before cao cao in the past, give yuan shang a hard, if you can hit yuan shang, yuan cao alliance on lu bu's threat is too much.都市携美行|




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