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龚诗尧洁丽雅毛巾价格Looking at step root irrevocably left the figure, kui head suddenly some regret, after all, this is his own brother, if he really have what, don't you want to entrust the future of the whole xianbei king's court to temuzhen?"At the end of the day!" D smell speech exultation, step forward respectfully took the arrow.You mustn't be in trouble!

"That's me." Pang tong shook his head and said, "lyu3 bu4 does not melt in the world, I am the son of the gate, loyal to him, is equivalent to abandoning the family.""Don't worry, we won't move your three hundred people, and we'll send you three thousand people as your part. As for these women, they belong to you. We won't ask you what you want to do, and we'll give them a piece of land near the King's Court."Of the Huns, Kifugoyang rose comfortably from the naked bodies of the three women, Walk some drift, but the mood is good, looked at the outside of the tent, begging Fu Geyang came to the outside of the tent called two times, no reply, not from great anger, rushed into a camp, a foot will still be happy good subordinates kicked up: "All dressed for me, ready to go back to camp, you still want to spend the night here?"龚诗尧"There is one thing, is my own guess, but still hope, general uller can warn khan. After a moment of silence, lyu3 bu4 sink a track.

龚诗尧"Yes!" Zhang he smell speech nodded, immediately point out of the city three thousand military forces."At the end of the day will be willing to respect the command of the strategist!" D gnash teeth, nodded."Compared with khan, even ten king's court is not as important as khan, as for the king's court defense, will be sent overnight to inform the surrounding tribes to send troops as soon as possible to come over, soon can not fill in the lack of defense."

"Afraid of you!" Coss was wei yan yesterday, at the moment successfully ambushed to Chen Xing troops, finally out of the chest a malevolent, smell speech without hesitation clap dance knife, toward Chen Xing killed.The escaped beggar goyang also had no time to celebrate escaping a calamity, in the crowd, do not know which bastard suddenly shouted: "beggar fu adult was killed in battle!"龚诗尧




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