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峰峰二手车|西安视窗Pang tong looked black and stared at wei yan. Wei yan, with a solemn face, stepped forward and the army, under his command, marched steadily forward, each step as if stepping on the heart of the enemy. It was not until he was less than two hundred steps away from the city wall that he stopped.Lyu3 bu4 nod, this idea also had, if can let your frost domestic attach, even if be only one part of, at least on the silk road, lyu3 bu4's discourse right will bigger, however that suspect oneself son of your frost king at present already by alleged regent overhead, calculate LAN zhan agree, send past not equal to throw oneself into a snare?

Although already not report too much hope, but after know the facts, xh or black complexion, this represents a if zhang liao want to attack against him with water, can build up in the upstream of a dam, he let shu in the upstream monitoring, once the other side want to damming water, xh can have enough time to prepare."Kang chenggong, the college has the rules of the college, will not make an exception for anyone, if the son really really have this ability, I can provide him with the most fair environment, or that sentence, the one who can, the mediocre under! Lu bu su rong said."Ha ha ha ha ~" kuai liang feeling the loss of life, but the corners of the mouth hang a smile, laughter is getting bigger and bigger, to the end of the crazy laugh, laughter, with a difficult to say desolate, after this battle, whether CAI or kuai home is a big wound, no longer the past heyday.峰峰二手车|"A total of cao cao?" Lv bu frowns way.

峰峰二手车|Chapter 25 disdain"In those days, Lao fu, like most people, looked down upon the champion hou you, especially the rule of law, the implementation of the rule of law, and my Confucianism, run counter to!" Zheng xuan recalled what happened five years ago and shook his head with a smile. "but in these five years, the old man suddenly found that what Confucianism had lost seemed to come back!""Cao sakong, look at this... "Liu xie hesitated and looked at cao cao.

Dozens of convergence, face shield in front of the archer again full of bowstring, switch to a maximum Angle, will be in the hands of JianCu injection, unfortunately, surprises to JianCu in distance from each other and nearly 20 step distance, lost power, weak hung down, again proved them in addition to the passive, at the other side there is no way to, although cavalry can't ride a horse on the wall, but they had the terror of the crossbow in the range of the detonation rival, for Zang bully, it's a sad story, no matter how he has command ability, in the case of attack distance less than rivals, Also can look in vain at his army to shoot out of the bow and arrow in front of the other camp to fall feebly, as if in the silent irony of their own ridiculous."Rest assured, zhang lu and do not know the depth of our army, their crossbolt than our crossbolt far, difficult not to want to have been hit?" Pang tong proudly said."Does your husband let it go?" Sable cicada some funny look at father and son two way.峰峰二手车|




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