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长洲猛鬼海滩惊现水鬼|赛富通多少钱"Master, just got the news, Korea hence retreat, together with all the garrison in hanyang, all contracted to wuwei area, now the whole west cool, is our world!" Xiongkuo sea rushed in excitedly, to lyu3 bu4 congratulations way: "Korea hence old son finished.""Xiongkuohai, Zhou Cang, He Yi, He Man and Wen He are enough." Lyu3 bu4 thought about it and said, "Take too many people and they will cause the resistance of Baishui Qiang."

"Kill none of them, kill all of them!" In the rain, d a take off the head of the screaming moon helmet, mercilessly smashed the head of a west cool warrior, long hair floating, like a ghost from hell, scarlet eyes, flashing a palpitating cold light."General, our army has no arrows to use now." Lieutenant astringent track."General zhang, you take people to clean up the mess, at the end of the general will go after less!" Ezra pound is also a change in complexion, hurriedly to one side of the embroidery explain 1, horse single knife, toward d left the direction of chase.长洲猛鬼海滩惊现水鬼|This month, Is lyu3 bu4 since his rebirth, The most enjoyable month, Also harvest month, lyu3 bu4 fulfilled his promise, at the beginning of the migration, the performance of superior people, or for the magistrate, or for the county commandant, the worst, can also become county officials, more as a reserve of talent, was sent to marotta presided over the construction of changan academy, for further study, as long as can pass the academy's final assessment, after coming out, there will be a career.

长洲猛鬼海滩惊现水鬼|Lyu3 bu4 look not good, it seems that he is really dodged a bullet, if he is not directly sealed the city, it is really possible, even if he may not die, but the thousands of soldiers, even if it is hard to escape.Wei yan eyes flashed, however, these scouts, are lyu3 bu4 side of the elite selected, each can be one to ten, now in face-to-face situation, was a knife lean, wei yan asked himself can also do, but can do this, in lyu3 bu4 army is not much.Baling, the suburbs, dark night sky, a ride scouts like ghosts wandering in the mountain path, vigilant eyes search around, behind him, dozens of zhangs away, there is a similarly dressed scouts patrolling around where there may be enemies.

Giffin wry smile way: "Korea hence potential big, under elite enough to have eighty thousand people, calculate the city garrison, burn when qiang, afraid of the first world war, but this time Korea hence please burn when the war, occupied most of the west cool, but according to Xu know, burn when it is not profitable, over time both sides will have dirty, master can put some effort in this regard, or can try.""Thunder ~"If stay in lyu3 bu4 side, get just jealousy, it is better to accept zhong yao, although wei yan is clear, this matter with zhong yao, but how about that, the same is lyu3 bu4 know unknown fate, but changan then sent the command, let wei yan completely eliminated the idea.长洲猛鬼海滩惊现水鬼|




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